Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All TIme (In My Humble Opinion) Part 3 of 100 (The Devil"s Advocate)

Time to play the devils advocate! Sometimes a great album is defined by where your head was at the particular time you heard it! If it stands up to multiple listenings and still has that effect, then you just might have yourself a winner!

I think I can add at least one album on the merits of it's cover! The first time I saw and heard this Deviants album I was blown away! My opinion still stands! Best scat drum solo ever! Humour plays a big part in a lot of my choices! I don't only want good music, I want a good laugh too!

 Rolling Stone has two albums by Z Z Top on their top 500! Savoy Brown blows them out of the water in the blues boogie band department, and Kim Simmonds is one of THE best guitarists of all time! I could listen to this record every day and never get tired of it!

 Maybe you just had to be there, but if you take any mind altering drugs, and listen to this record by The Holy Modal Rounders, you'll surely agree it needs to be on the list!

 Jimi said "you'll never listen to surf music again" but he obviously never heard this album by The Rumblers or I'm sure he would have had a different opinion! I think the only surf albums on the Rolling Stone's list are by The Beach Boys! Sorry, that doesn't quite get it! Surf music with sax, is BOSS!!

When I first bought this album, I couldn't believe somebody would actually make an album this pure! With classics like "Boobs A Lot," "I Feel Like Homemade Shit," and "Nada" on it, The Fugs First Album deserves way more attention that nine Bruce Springsteen albums combined!


  1. I have a feeling this list is going to be great! I listened to Savoy Brown and liked it a lot. The Rumblers though, that's something I will stick with forever!

    And at the pace you're putting them out, I'll have time to listen to them before they get buried!

    1. RH,
      Yeah, I'm kind of slow but I'm giving it a lot of consideration! I'd really like to not have more than one album by the same group or person, but that's going to be impossible! Thanks for hanging with me!