Sunday, November 24, 2013

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 15 of 100 (My Opinion Is Becoming Less Humble)

This Kraazy ass LP from some Middle East musicians with the help of Mountain bassist Felix Pappalardi in 1967 opened the door for lots of WTF!? releases in the following 10 or 20 years! To this day, I still have no idea of what they were trying to do! It's that great!!

Doll By Doll! Jackie Leven is one of  THE best vocalists out there! You can't read one issue of Rolling Stone without reading about Bruce Springsteen, but is there even one article about Doll By Doll? Sinful! One of the best bands ever!

The Flamin' Groovies - "Supersnazz" This is a record of what is commonly referred to as Rock and Roll! It totally rocks, and deserves to be on the top 500 for sure!

Flora Purim was voted THE best jazz vocalist for like 97 years in a row by Downbeat magazine!! Trust me, there's a reason! Open yer freakin' eyes!!

One of the best concerts I've ever had to pleasure to attend! Gil Scott-Heron was a super genius! While "The revolution will not be televised!!!!" this is one of the best 500 LP's of all time!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 14 of 100 (All But Forgotton 60's Musical Wonders)

Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger and the Trinity - "Open" - This LP from 1968 is an eternally fascinating jewel! It's like Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery went to England and recorded an album with Aretha Franklin, except they're all white, and Aretha has the angelic face of Twiggy! Why this LP is not on Rolling Stone's 500 Best Albums of All Time is an enigma deeper than the Atlantic Ocean! Unforgivable!!

Clear Light made one of the more interesting 60's L.A. scene psychedelic albums of the era, but I think they got lost in the shadows of their label mates The Doors!

What I know ain't always right, but what I've always heard was that when original member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention Elliot Ingber got out of the Army, Frank wouldn't have any more to do with him musically because he wouldn't tolerate any drug use, and Elliot had turned into a stoner. Stoner anthem "Don't Bogart Me" and other great tunes abound on this LP! It deserves to be on the list more than Madonna I'm sure!

Horn based groups like Blood, Sweat and Tears, Chicago, and Lighthouse were getting pretty popular in the late 60's but The Flock blew them all out of the water! With song titles like "Hornschmeyer's Island" and "Uranian Sircus" I just don't understand why they were never a real commercial success!!

Excuse my French, but how in the Fuck is it that Steppenwolf is not in or even ever been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? "Born To Be Wild" is the biker anthem of all time, and this album "Monster" has what I consider the greatest song ever to describe what's wrong with the world today on it, "Monster!" "There's a monster on the loose, it's got our heads into the noose, and it just sits there watchin'!" Hell Yeah!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 13 of 100 (Folk Music Gone Mad)

 It was 1969 in basic training at Fort Ord, California that late one night I tuned my little transistor radio into some radio station in Berkeley, California. The signal was poor and full of static but what I remember hearing was Dave Van Ronk and the Hudson Duster's "Romping Through The Swamp!" My life has never been the same! And if that ain't enough, they also do an amazing version of "Swingin' On A Star!"

 After Dylan went electric, it blew the whole scene wide open! David Blue was one of the weirder purveyors of this new art form! Starting off with "The Gasman Won't Buy Your Love," it just keeps getting better and better!

 I bought this Incredible String Band album in 1968! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just knew it had the craziest cover I had ever seen! I still own it!

 Phil Ochs is such a tragic story! He was pretty much gone by this point! One of the most talented protest song folk singers of the time, Phil decided to make an electric album with a cover that was a satirical send up of The King. Even the back said 5000 Phil Ochs fans can't be wrong! What's the joke? Phil never had any hits! I love this album!
Now there's no way this record should have ever been left off of Rolling Stones top 500 albums list! It's Shel Silverstein, and every song is a jewel! I'll just leave you with just a taste of Shel's genius, "After you been eating steak for a long time, beans, beans taste fine!" This is one of THE best records ever made!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 12 of 100 (The Truth)

 There are so many great jazz albums, it's really difficult  not to treat jazz as a completely different category! For now I'll choose this 1972 double album by Cannonball Adderley! Conceptually brilliant and performed beautifully!

 Sometimes you just can't get away from records you had as a kid! This is one of the first albums I ever owned, I think The Columbia Record Club had something to do with it! If you were raised on cowboy movies and TV shows, this is the soundtrack to your life!

 I said I wasn't going to include any greatest hits LPs on this list, but sometimes there's no other choice! To me, Johnny Horton was as much a legend as Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens!

 I got to see Loggins and Messina on their first tour when this record was first released!  They made quite an impression on me. They were truly unique at the time!

Just in case you think I only listen to 60's and 70's music! I nominate this 2000 CD by The Dickinson Brothers! They did their Daddy proud! One of the few bands I'd still like to see 'Live!'