Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All TIme (In My Humble Opinion) Part 4 of 100

Here are five albums that will remain in my collection until the day I die! They're all that good, but not one of them is even on Rolling Stone's Top 500 list! Sinful!

My copy of CORYELL is absolutely worn out! I've played it that many times! This 1969 album has some of the best jamming electric guitar you're ever likely to hear, and with Pretty Purdie on drums, Chuck Rainey, Albert Stinson, and Ron Carter on bass, well, let me just say it's amazing! The songs "Sex," "The Jam With Albert," "Elementary Guitar Solo # 5," "No One Really Knows," and "Morning Sickness" are whatever is beyond phenomenal!!

This 1971 debut album by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks is so fine, I feel sorry for you if you've never heard it! Dan's singing combined with the vocals of Maryann Price and Naomi Ruth Eisenberg is totally legit, and Sid Page's violin work is superlative! This album is timeless!!

This 1972 album by Jim Dickinson is another one I've completely worn out! Brilliant pianist, producer, and Father of The North Mississippi All Stars Cody and Luther Dickinson, Jim Dickinson will never be replaced in the world of music! Forty some years later, and you've still never heard anything that compares to this record I guarantee, it's that unique!

Robert Palmer sadly died from a heart attack at the age of 54,  but at least he left us this 1974 album! Joined by the likes of The Meters, Pretty Purdie, and Little Feat members as backing musicians, this is one great record! Who else do you know that can rhyme Julia, peculia, and fool ya and get away with it brilliantly? I love this record!

No, I'm not stuck in the 60's and 70's although sometimes it feels like it! It was hard picking out which of XTC's records to put on this list! They're all great, but I decided on the 1982 double album English Settlement! It's not very many bands that can make a killer record from start to finish, and there are even fewer that can do it on a double album, but XTC managed to do it without a problem! They're that good!

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