Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 34 of 100 - "These Jokers Are Wild!!"

Lenny Bruce - "Lenny Bruce Is Out Again" (1965)
I got this record years ago in a Thrifty Drug store for 99 cents! I've still got it! Lenny died for your sins, and your right to say fuck without having to go to jail!

David Peel and the Lower East Side - "Have A Marijuana" (1968)
I was always surprised that David didn't go to jail for recording this record!

Oscar Brand - "Brand X" (1976)
Revered folk singer sings shocking bawdy songs with really nasty lyrics!

Sky Saxon Blues Band - "A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues" (1967)
Re-inventing themselves one more time, The Seeds emerge as a blues band!

The Smothers Brothers - "Mom Always Liked You Best" (1965) 
My Mom and Dad took me to see The Smothers Brothers when I was a little kid! They were the best in clean and intelligent humor!!


  1. I've got that Smothers Brothers and a few others, but I haven't ever listened to them. Funny since I love the old TV show they did.

  2. Drag that one out or either of their first two and listen to them! They're still pretty funny!!

  3. I put it on tonight and my 14 year old says "We're keeping that one!" As you can guess I sell a lot of albums. But not that one! I've got one other Smother Brothers, I pulled it out so he can listen to it too.