Monday, July 21, 2014

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 33 1/3 of 100 - "Let's Rock!!"

Well, I'm a third of the way through now, that only took forever, so here's five rockers to wrap it!

Big Brother and the Holding Company (1967) - Janis only made so few records, how can it not be included?

Bodacious Df  (1973) -  Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin decides to do his own thing and it works great!

Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna (1970) - Another great blues rock LP from Kim and the boys!

The Seeds - Web Of Sound (1966) - Once again recreating themselves, the side long "up In Her Room" is too much, but wasn't everybody doing one of these 15 minute songs back then. You never knew what you were getting when you put a Seeds album on for the first time!

Steppenwolf (1968) -  I love Steppenwolf's first album! Ballsy stuff! "Sookie Sookie" is a great song, "The Pusher," and "Born To Be Wild" are both on here too!


  1. I had that Big Brother record but never could get into it. I sold it for $10 I think.

    Your other choices all look good. I never really listened to Savoy Brown until you started talking about them. Good stuff.

  2. Maybe that Big Brother album isn't the best in the world, but I do love the song "Down On Me!"

    1. Well she did do that as a solo artist too, so I do have it in my collection a couple of times.