Saturday, October 4, 2014

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 36 of 100 - "Down Home Good Old Boys"

Here's five records by 5 guys that all have that comfortable 'sit down, kick your heels up, and relax' style of American music that's not Country, and I like them all!

 First up from Oak Grove, Louisiana is the great Tony Joe White and his second album made in 1969 called ...."Continued!"

J.J. Cale hailed from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and this was his first record released in 1971. It was called "Naturally" and is just one of J.J.'s many fine records!

Singer, songwriter Bobby Charles was born in Abbeville, Louisiana, and was one of the early purveyors of a genre of music called Swamp Pop! This 1972 self-titled album was just stylish! 

Henry Saint Clair Fredericks aka Mr. Taj Mahal, was born in Harlem, New York! Taj has so many wonderful records, it was hard to just pick out one, but "Satisfied And Tickled Too" from 1976, has got Taj's classic version of one of my all-time favorite songs on it, "Ain't Nobody's Business!" 

Jesse Winchester was also born in Louisiana at Barksdale Army Air Field, outside of Bossier City! I think I'm starting to see a pattern here! This 1977 album titled "Nothing But A Breeze," is just that, and it breezes along quite nicely enough to be on this list!

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  1. Don't have any of these! Familiar with Tony Joe White, great stuff there.