Saturday, April 26, 2014

The REAL 500 Best Albums Of All Time - Part 28 of 100

As hard as I try to find records not on their list,

Here's five more albums that are on Rolling Stones' Top 500 List that I  can't disagree with in any way, shape, or form!


  1. Pretty solid choices here. I'm not as fond of the White album as a whole, but I can see why people like it so much.

  2. Thanks for sticking with me through this ordeal RH, I agree with you about the White Album, but it's harder to come up with 500 albums than I thought, so some I didn't originally think would be on this list, make it after all, and the White Album is a good example. It's still better than 97% of a lot of the other crap out there!

    1. Well you haven't had any B.B. King yet!

  3. RH,
    I apologize for how long this is taking, I think I bit off a bit more than I can chew. Four blogs is just too much! Unfortunately, for as great as he is, I wasn't considering any B.B. King on this list. That's why it's taking so long, because I don't know who I'm considering any more! I will have another post up soon though! Thanx!